PM wants fair election in Bangladesh

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22 October, 2018 16:57 PM

PM wants fair election in Bangladesh

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. File photo

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has expressed her firm determination to resist the conspiracies against the democratic process in the country.

She said: "I want an inclusive and credible poll in Bangladesh and I am hopeful that the Election Commission will arrange it in a free and fair manner in due time."

"A vested quarter is trying to hinder the progress of the country by making conspiracies against the present government. But, we are determined to face the challenge and continue the progress," she added.

The prime minister made the remarks while briefing the journalists on her recent visit to Saudi Arabia today.

Replying to a query over the poll schedule and arrangements, she said: "Arranging the polls in the right time is the duty of the Election Commission. The EC is independent and I believe it is able to hold free and fair elections in the country."

Regarding Dr Kamal Hossain's alliance with BNP, she said: "It is a platform of killers and opportunists."

"Dr Kamal Hossain, who claims to be an internationally renowned lawyer, has forged an alliance with those who are responsible for killing people in arson attack, eating up orphans’ money, money laundering and for corruption. So, I have nothing to say on the issue," added the PM.