Sheikh Hasina for united efforts to ensure Grand Alliance’s victory


8 December, 2018 22:02 PM

Sheikh Hasina for united efforts to ensure Grand Alliance’s victory

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Prime Minister and Awami League (AL) President Sheikh Hasina today expressed her firm belief about the AL’s victory in the upcoming elections and urged all party leaders and activists across the country to work unitedly in this regard.

“I firmly believe our beloved organization Bangladesh Awami League would get scope again to serve the people by securing a massive victory in the upcoming parliamentary election.

You will also be a partner of the victory,” she said.

In a letter sent to the AL leaders, who did not get the party tickets to contest the polls, the AL president mentioned: “I can surely say that if Awami League remains united, nobody has any organizational strength to defeat ‘boat’, the party’s election symbol.

Sheikh Hasina expressed her hope that organizational efficiency, strength and ability of the AL leaders will ensure the party’s victory in the election slated for December 30.

“I earnestly expect your active and spontaneous participation in the campaign and entire activities of the Jatiya Sangsad election to keep up development and progress that Bangladesh achieved in the last one decade under the leadership of Awami League,” she said

The AL president said the election is very important to establish sustainable democratic governance system by protecting the country and the nation from the wild clutch of BNP-Jamaat.

“That’s why we’ve decided to take part in the election with alliance of like-minded political parties,” she said.

The AL president requested the leaders to withdraw their candidatures for Grand Alliance candidates for the sake of holding united election to make all-out efforts to ensure victory of the Grand Alliance candidates.

“Your all sacrifice, works and sincerity are in my consideration,” she said.

The AL president said over 4000 nomination aspirants of the party submitted their applications and almost all of them have sacrifice and contribution in the politics of Awami League.

‘There was more than one competent candidate in almost every constituency in terms of political sacrifice, efficiency, ability and popularity. It was very difficult to select a single candidate among the more than one applicant,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said the party’s parliamentary nomination board has completed the selection process with utmost caution by reviewing every application, information and results of grassroots surveys considering the issue of victory in the election.

“I am expressing my sincere regret of not giving you nomination as per the specific methodical process of our organization of providing nomination and the decision of parliamentary nomination board” she said in the letter.

The AL president said: “Your role in strengthening Awami League and turning it into a welfare-oriented political party was very commendable. I am expressing my heartfelt gratitude to you for your constant role in implementing Awami League’s organizational programmes and the welfare of the country. ”

“I believe your affection, obedience and loyalty towards Bangladesh and loving organization Bangladesh Awami League will continue in future too,” she said.