Joy predicts landslide victory of boat

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29 December, 2018 20:12 PM

Joy predicts landslide victory of boat

Sajeeb Wazed Joy. File photo

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Sajeeb Wazed Joy, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's ICT Adviser, has predicted that tomorrow (Sunday) the “boat” symbol would emerge victorious by a huge margin.

He expressed the hope by posting a status on his official Facebook post today, a day ahead of the 11th parliamentary elections in Bangladesh.

He wrote that boat [electoral symbol of Awami League] is on the verge of a landslide win tomorrow.

Addressing the supporters and activists of his party, he further wrote: "Our borther and sisters, your main responsibility is to ensuring a peaceful and successful election. "

“Tomorrow is election day and I believe will be a day of massive victory for the Boat! To all my Awami League brothers and sisters, please ensure a peaceful, successful election,” Joy wrote.

“The BNP-Jamaat is trying everything to make the election controversial as all polls show they will lose badly. I suspect they will attempt to cause disruptions, seize polling centers, maybe even withdraw midway through the day during polling,” added the post.

Calling the people, he stated: "Don’t fall for their tricks. Ensure polling centers are safeguarded and continue your election efforts until polling closes in the evening. "