Dhaka roads almost empty

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30 December, 2018 14:45 PM

Dhaka roads almost empty

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The major roads and streets in the city became almost empty today because of the ban on public and private transport on the election day.

All roads are now free of all types of motor-run vehicles, taking a heavy toll on the voters.

Many voters were seen standing on the streets for rickshaws.

They said that measures should have been taken to make it easier for the voters to reach the polling stations.

They also complained that the rickshaw pullers are whimsically charging fares, sometimes demanding double.

The presence of normal people became thin on Dhaka roads yesterday as many people left for their village home for exercising their voting rights.

Others remain inside their houses as the government has declared December 30 as a general holiday along with the two-day weekly holiday.

Moreover, some private offices will keep their outlets closed on Monday (December 31).  

The number of guests and boarders came down in different city hotels and messes on Friday ahead of today's national election.

Very few buses, cars, and rickshaws were seen plying the city streets while a few passengers were seen on public buses today.  

No motorbikes, except that of journalists, were seen on the roads as a three-day ban on motorcycles remained restricted since Friday midnight.

Earlier, the authorities imposed a general ban on plying of all types of motor vehicles on election day.

Visiting different areas of the city, Kalerkantho reporters witnessed that members of law enforcement agencies are checking vehicles and motorbikes for documents at different important points of Dhaka.

The election day ban will be applicable on motor-run three-wheelers, auto-rickshaws, bike, taxi cab, microbus, jeep, pickup, car, bus, truck, tempo, and easy bike and locally made different types of vehicles driven by motor.

However, it will be relaxed for the candidates, their agents, local and foreign observers.

The ban will also be relaxed for the media vehicles and the vehicles of the officials who will be engaged in election duties, law enforcement agencies, ambulance, fire service and civil defence, electricity, gas and telecom.