Is Trump capable to deal North Korean leader?

Kim’s Guam threat: Americans worry on Trump’s off the cuff

M Mahfuzur Rahman   

16 September, 2017 11:51 AM

Is Trump capable to deal North Korean leader?

Photo: Reuters

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Kim Jong Un and his North Korea both are now talk of the world for what Un recently promised to strike the tiny US territory of Guam. North Korea and its leader are also internationally much discussed as the country tested separate ballistic missiles over the years when the USA and its allies consider it as threats for their existence.

After taking threats from the North Korean leader, the world power is wishing to go with negotiations with the country to resolve the tensions and crises among them, though, at present, it seems they are just merely practicing war of words policies. But on the other hand, it seems that the North Korean leader is not responding to them over the negotiations with the USA.

Amid tensions over the threat, the Republicans and Democrats in the USA are divided sharply on whether to take steps against North Korea that could escalate to a devastating war. And the majority of Americans reportedly anxiety about Trump and his off the cuff handling of the situation when they also think whether Trump is capable of dealing with the North Korean leader Un.

Why North Korea trades threats with the world power USA? It’s a major question now. And in finding out the answers to this question, we have to look back in the nineteen fifties when the American forces intervened in the war happened between North Korea and South Korea that occurred from 1950 to 1953. It was a devastating war between them.

After the war that severely and brutally damaged the North in both economic and structural, the North Koreans are now grown up by the thoughts against America as their enemy from their childhood. And that’s why the Korean leader easily gets approval from the general people to make threats and attack their enemies like the USA.

When the military of North Korea invaded the South on June 25, 1950, and swiftly overran most of the country, a United Nations force, led by the United States, intervened to defend the South, and rapidly advanced into North Korea. Chinese forces, however, intervened on behalf of North Korea.

Almost every substantial building in North Korea was destroyed in the three-year more long war when the fighting ended on July 27, 1953, with restoring the original boundaries between North and South Korea. More than one million civilians and soldiers were reportedly killed in the war.

Since the war, the United States has maintained a strong military presence in the South which is depicted by the North Korean government as an imperialist occupation force. They claimed that the Korean War was caused by the United States and South Korea.

How is the military capability of the North Korea to go to war with America? If we look back to the North Korean army strengths, we will be known that the Korean People's Army (KPA) is North Korea's military organization.

According to Wikipedia and other sources, the North has 1,106,000 active and 8,389,000 reserve and paramilitary troops, making it the largest military institution in the world. Nearly 20 percent of men aged 17–54 serve in the regular armed forces and approximately one in every 25 citizens is an enlisted soldier. The KPA has five branches: Ground Force, Navy, Air Force, Special Operations Force and Rocket Force.

In an article, the Global Security, took information over the military spending in the North, quoting the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity NORTH KOREA COUNTRY HANDBOOK MCIA-2630-NK-016-97 that states "The DPRK remains the world's most militaristic state. It commits roughly 25 percent of its GDP to military spending. Out of every 1,000 people, 40 serve in uniform. By comparison, the ROK spends 4 percent of its GDP on the military and 14 of every 1,000 people serve in uniform."

Although there are no signs that the North Koreans are open to dialogue with the USA to resolve the problem, Rex Tillerson, the US President's foreign policy boss, moved to calm the situation and advised the US people not to worry about the ongoing situations with North Korea.

On the other hand, there is a good sign here that the South Korean President Moon Jae-in has called on the US and its allies to avoid the war at any rate and he also sought dialogue for the ongoing crises with the North.

Actually, I think, the war or conflict is not a solution to any crisis whether it is national or international level and should not be accepted by the general public of the certain country and all sides, especially the regime of Kim Jong Un, should think twice about proceeding down the path towards conflict.

If the war really happens it may be turned into a nuclear war as the North Koran leader reinstated such statement in the recent time that eventually may lead the world into a devastating situation.

As the conflict destroys the nation and its people severely with its establishments and existences, the North Koreans should rethink to engage with any war or conflict that may lead the world to mini third war.


The writer is a Sub-Editor at The Daily Kalerkantho (English Version) and he can be reached at mahfuzjnu21@yahoo.com.