Whether 32 intentionally chosen to offend Bangabandhu's house!

Mostofa Kamal    

1 February, 2018 18:30 PM

Whether 32 intentionally chosen to offend Bangabandhu's house!

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Seeking immediate attention of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ...

Whether the provision involving digital spying has intentionally been marked as Section 32 in order to defame Bangabandhu's historic Dhanmondi 32 house!

This may sound funny, insane to many, but I'm serious as the issue is very important to me. I am going to complete my 27 years in journalism and during the long journey through the passage of time, I believe that I have witnessed many historic events and gathered remarkable experience. 

I know the nature of the bureaucrats of the country; they have mastered in inviting trouble for the government and I can bet on it.

The number 32 means the residence of Bangabandhu in Dhanmondi's No 32  road to me and the house represents Bangabandhu as it has preserved his memories. As Bangabandhu represents Bangladesh, the house will be considered as a witness to the history as long as Bangladesh will exist.

The number 32 means the history to me as number 75 means sadness. The number has been marked as a "black-number" as Bangabandhu along with his family members was assassinated in 1975. 

Bangabandhu's Dhanmondi 32 house is like a pilgrimage to those who believe in the spirit of our Independence War. 

So, my question is why number 32 was chosen to mark the "controversial provision of the revised Digital Security Act involving the term-Digital spying? Why was it not marked as Section 31, why specifically 32?

To me, the official, who drafted the act, doesn't believe in the spirit of our Independence War. He or she did it with a view to creating controversy involving number 32.

As a journalist and writer, I also welcome Digital Security Act. But, I think there should be some provisions which will protect the interests of journalists. Fair journalism cannot be practiced without freedom. 

We all should remember that the friendship between Bangabandhu and legendary journalist and columnist Tofazzal Hossain aka Manik Miah, pave the way to our freedom. 

The provision might have been overlooked by the Cabinet members and I urge the Prime Minister to withdraw the Section 32 immediately.  

Honourable Prime Minister, most of the journalists are loyal to you as they love you. You are the longest serving women head of the government in the world, but we all call you "Apa (sister)" which is not applicable to others.

Dear Hasina apa, I hope you have understood my points and I, therefore, request you to consider the issue.

Yours faithfully,
Mostofa Kamal
Journalist and writer