EC to sit with 2 parties tomorrow

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27 August, 2017 18:58 PM

EC to sit with 2 parties tomorrow

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Election commission (EC) is set to hold dialogues with Bangladesh Muslim Leagues [BML] and Khelafat Majlish, two enlisted political parties of Bangladesh, on Monday.

According to schedule, Election Commission will sit with Bangladesh Muslim League at 11am while Khelafat Majlish will attend the meeting at 3pm.

Earlier, the EC announced its schedules to hold dialogue with 40 enlisted political parties of Bangladesh. The talks will be held in two phases.

The EC officials will sit with 12 political parties in the first round that started on August 24 while the rest in the second round. The second round will start from September 10.

The Election Commission will hear separately from the registered in order to seek opinions in holding the upcoming Parliament elections.