Tears of unaccompanied 'Rohingya kid’ fills heart with sorrow

Mymensingh Correspondent    

24 September, 2017 22:12 PM

Tears of unaccompanied 'Rohingya kid’ fills heart with sorrow

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The agony of an unaccompanied frightened kid, aged around 4, has filled the hearts of Mymensingh people with sorrow after a local rickshaw puller picked him up from the street suspecting him to be a Rohingya orphan.

The child can neither identify himself nor his parents. Asked about his parents, the boy just moves his hands in the air that can be interpreted as signs of slaughtering. 

According to the signs he made, someone “killed his mother by slitting her throat and threw his father into a fire.”

Locals said the boy, who speaks a little-bit Chittagong's local dialect, tries to hide him whenever he comes close to the fire or the water. 

Hundreds of people of Iswarganj upazila’s Mohesh Chatul village thronged the house of one Fazlur Rahman to take a glimpse of the boy, suspecting him to be a Rohingya orphan.

Talking to the Daily Kalerkantho, wife of the rickshaw puller Rabeya Khatun, who is now staying at his parents’ house with the boy, said: “My husband Ainul Haque found the boy roaming the streets in Ashuganj of Brahmanbaria district some 15 days ago. He was crying and could not say anything about his parents. As nobody claimed the child, my husband took him to home. It is being estimated that he is a Rohingya child who has lost his parents during the ongoing violence in Myanmar.”

“The boy often wakes up from sleep and starts crying for his parents. He even sometimes stops taking foods. Although I have four children, I cannot let the distressed boy roaming the streets alone. So, I have made my mind up to raise the child.” added Rabeya.