Rohingya health situation 101 (See charts & graphs)

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16 October, 2017 17:34 PM

Rohingya health situation 101 (See charts & graphs)

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A total of 537,000 Rohingya community people have entered Bangladesh fleeing the ongoing persecution in the Rakhain state of Myanmar since August 25.

Here are the important facts and figures on Rohingya influx and health situation:


The UN said that the people were in need of food, medical services, and housing, although only 37,000 families had received an emergency kit, which includes a tarpaulin for temporary shelter.

The crisis began on August 25 when an insurgent group of the Rohingya Muslim minority staged a series of attacks on the police and army posts in Rakhine state, to which the Myanmar military responded with an ongoing large-scale offensive.

According to eyewitnesses and human rights organisations, the Myanmar army has razed villages and shot and killed an undetermined number of civilians while clearing the area.

Although Myanmar maintains that the violence was triggered by Rohingya rebels, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has accused the military of ethnic cleansing.

Before the military campaign, an estimated one million Rohingyas lived in Rakhine state in Myanmar, where the government denies them citizenship.

The content was prepared by taking inputs from the website of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.