ABM Sumon: The new sensation in the town

Morshedul Alam Mohabat   

8 January, 2018 17:20 PM

ABM Sumon: The new sensation in the town

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ABM Sumon, an actor with an intense look, has already earned the love of innumerable movie-goers. By dint of his charismatic acting in ‘Dhaka Attack’ he has created a stir among both audience and critics.

Of late, this charming actor had a chit-chat with ‘Groove’. Here is an excerpt of that conversation:

How far does ‘Ashfaque’ from ‘Dhaka Attack’ resemble with ‘Sumon’ of real life?

These two characters are quite different. Ashfaque is a professional man while I am an artist. And the life of an artist is different from that of a professional cop. Ashfaque works for the sake of duty and country while I (Sumon) pursue a career for the sake of myself. However there is a similarity- both these characters love their country very much.

What kind of hardships did you take to portray the character of Ashfaque?

In the perspective of our film industry an actor has to do more than one film at the same time in order to survive. Consequently you cannot get deep into the character as you will not get enough time to do that. At the time of shooting for ‘Dhaka Attack’ I was involved in another film as well and none of the film was completed in time. So, I had to act in two different films simultaneously. As a result I think I could not put my best efforts for the character of Ashfaque.

How was your journey from ramp modeling to acting?

It wasn’t easy rather it was full of struggles. I began my career with ramp modeling and then I moved on to visuals (acting). At the beginning I acted in some serials and tele-films. At the time of acting in the serial ‘Nil Ronger Golpo’ by Kaushik Sankar Das I got an offer for the big screen. So, I left all other works to make a place in the film industry. At that time I had to go through financial crisis as there were not so many works in my hand. I am still facing such crisis and I believe I will have to undergo such situation for many more days. I have accepted this in advance and promised myself to keep striving until I make a bigger place for me in the industry.

The teaser of Aadi has already been released on YouTube. Say something about your character in that film.

This is an action-thriller film. The name of my character in the film is ‘Aadi’ who doesn’t fear death. He has only one aim in his life and he can go to any length to fulfill that aim. Hopefully this film will be released in any month of the first trimester of this year.

You have said in many interviews that you want to pursue business in future. Why do you think so? Don’t you think that a spontaneous actor like you is necessary to develop our industry?

I want to do business to ensure my financial security. Moreover I didn’t say that I will stop acting. I will keep doing it but I cannot commercialize my passion for acting. Because if I do so, then I will have to get involved in some bad films which will only annoy the audience. But I don’t want to do so. Meanwhile our industry is not in such a good position to give me a very handsome remuneration. So, considering our socio-economic context I will have to do business so that I can achieve economic freedom and in the meantime dedicate my time to act in good films. I would like to mention that I will never stop acting in my life.

Do you want to work in theatres?

If you want to perform in theatre, then you will have to start all over again from the very initial stage. It takes a lot of time but I don’t have much time to go back and learn those things. Actually the world has evolved a lot and there are many other ways to learn the basics of acting. I am following those and trying to study more about acting.

Don’t you think that Indian films are much better than our ones?

I just don’t get it. This comparison is illogical because the culture of these two countries is completely different from each other. So, there is no point in comparing these two industries. 

Will you act in an art film if you get an offer?

I am not prepared for art films. Art film is not a cheap thing. You will have to be a method-actor to do an art film as such a film is full of aesthetic elements. As an artiste I think I am not ready yet to portray a character in an art film.


Note: The Original interview was published in The Daily Sun.