Road crashes kill 425 in Jan of 2018: NCPSRR

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2 February, 2018 20:54 PM

Road crashes kill 425 in Jan of 2018: NCPSRR

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Around 425 people have been killed and 950 received injuries in different road accidents recorded in the first month of the New Year, a report published in Dhaka said on Friday.

The National Committee to Protect Shipping, Roads and Railways (NCPSRR), a non-government organization in the country, has revealed the information in its monthly regular survey and observation report, in a press release, this afternoon.

On average 13 deaths a day, the NCPSRR report also confirmed.

According to the report, in addition, 28 passengers, including four children, were also killed and 11 wounded in a total of 32 accidents in the same month in the country’s railways while six people were killed and five injured in 10 different accidents on the waterways.

General Secretary of NCPSRR Ashis Kumar Dey said: “The report was prepared on the basis of news published in 22 national dailies in both Bangla and English, 10 regional newspapers and eight news portals and news agencies.”

"Four national bodies are mainly responsible for different accidents in road, rail and waterways and the bodies are- Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA), Naval Transportation Department, Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) and Bangladesh Railway,” Ashis Kumar Dey claimed.

The report also said: “Including 54 women and 30 children, a total of 425 people have been killed and 950 others also received injuries in different 403 road crashes across the country in last month.”

“Lack of proper supervision from the authorities concerned is the major reason behind the high number of road crashes across the country,” the observation mentioned in the report.

The report also mentions that it is very important to take some effective measures to bring discipline into this sector immediately and these measures are- handling of extortion on the roads, providing appointment letters to workers and employees with weekly leave, increase in pay allowances for them and deciding daily working hours,  taking strict actions against faulty vehicle movement and fake licenses, providing necessary training to drivers and their assistants, risky and worn-out roads should be repaired with immediate effect and existing Motor Vehicles Act should also be fully implemented.