US-Bangla plane crash timeline

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18 March, 2018 12:57 PM

US-Bangla plane crash timeline

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At least 51 people including 26 Bangladeshi nationals died in tragic US-Bangladesh Airlines plane crash on last Monday.

Bangladesh Embassy in Kathmandu has been very much active with necessary actions and initiatives since the incident occurred.

Here are the timelines of the plane crash till Saturday evening (March 17, 2018). 

1. March 17: 25 dead bodies out of 49 have been identified. Among them, 14 were Bangladesh Nationals, 1

Chinese and 10 Nepalese (list enclosed).

2. March 17: The identification process of dead bodies started. Based on relatives' information and forensic examination the identification is still going on.

3. Final update: Of Bangladesh nationals, 10 alive and 26 reported dead.

4. Ms. Emrana Kabir Hashi, who was admitted to Kathmandu Medical College Hospital (KMC) was taken to Singapore yesterday evening by air-ambulance.

5. Sheikh Rashed Rubayet was flown to Bangladesh.

6. Earlier, 5 survived passengers, 4 of them were taken to Dhaka and one to Singapore.

7. Altogether 6 patients already left Nepal to different destinations for better treatment till Saturday evening.

Our Diplomatic Correspondent Mahadi Hasan provided all information from Kathmandu.