The best 'April 1st fake news'

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2 April, 2018 13:34 PM

The best 'April 1st fake news'

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In an era of fake news, we should probably all be reading things with a more sceptical eye.

That is especially true on April 1, when newspapers, companies and social media comics try to trick us all with jokes and pranks. 

Here are some of the best prank or fake stories that we spotted from around the world:

# Several numbers of news outlets in Bangladesh yesterday reported that a government official was compelled to abandon his elderly mother to an unknown railway station.

The image of the "abandoned elderly women" was first circulated all over the social networking sites, especially on Facebook. Later, several numbers of well-reputed newspapers and online news portals picked the information without any proper verification and made a news of it.

The Facebook viral post contained the picture of a woman with a letter from her apparent son in which the son stated that he was compelled to leave his mother in face of his government official wife's pressure.

However, later the viral photograph was found to be of an Indian woman. The footage was taken from a dormitory at an Ashram in 2015.

# McDonald’s India promised to give away free potato delights for its customers but only with one catch. You need to get the promo code right from the photo shared by them. Once you get it, you are sorted!

# Google has marked April Fool's Day by incorporating Where's Wally? 

In a game playable on the desktop, iOS, and Android, users can search for Wally and his signature red-and-white stripes in real locations around the world.  

# Brexit looms large over April Fool's Day in the UK this year.

The Observer brings us the news that MPs have condemned plans to create official Leave and Remain emojis as “divisive and dangerous”.

The new characters – a Brexit bulldog clad in Union Jack hat and starry-eyed, beret-wearing EU supporter – are part of plans by an Italian tech firm to cash in on the political debate, the newspaper claims.

“Nobody who campaigned in the referendum wanted to give shadowy organisations the chance to exploit British voters,” the furious "MPs" are quoted as saying. “Brexit is far too serious a matter for foolish jokes.”

# Prince Harry will be "drinking laverbread smoothies and engaging in pre-dawn ancient Celtic chanting" during his stag weekend "at a spiritual yurt retreat in the valleys of West Wales", claims the Mail on Sunday.

The newspaper reports the royal has "chosen to forgo vigorous rounds of strip billiards in favour of having his chakras realigned", in a sign that he is under the "very new-age thumb" of his fiancee Meghan Markle.

# Coca-Cola is to launch three new flavours of its sugar-free Zero brand, claims the Sunday Mirror.

The avocado, sourdough, and charcoal flavoured soft drinks have been conceived to appeal to the "brunch-loving, superfood-snacking millenial", the newspaper says.

# Well, Coco-Cola is not alone. Carabao energy drink has decided to introduce a new Mandarin orange flavour drink but was not finding the right colour. And then in a Eureka moment, the British Brand’s designer sported Donald Trump’s photo. So, then they decide to make “ENERGY DRINKS GREAT AGAIN!”, with the flavour that mirrors the US president’s exact orange skin tone. Oh, did we tell you the new cans even don Trump’s fluffy golden hair?

# Lexus promises to deliver a custom-built Lexus within 48 hours after your spit-test DNA analysis. Take this DNA test and you will require no key to start your car.

# That's enough fake news for this year - we're wrapping up this blog.

We leave with you British news outlet The Independent's April Fool story, which reported that Twitter-loving US president Donald Trump had sensationally quit the social media platform. Did we catch you out? 

With The Independent input