A brief guideline for 'Event Security'

Major (Retd) Nurul Mannan Chowdhury CPP   

2 April, 2018 20:18 PM

A brief guideline for 'Event Security'

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An event security need particular sets of skills & planning. Events may vary widely. Different events are different in nature where different types of audience groups are handled by event security team.

Event security of a Rock star’s concert shall never match with event security of a funeral. 

While planning an event security, a security professional need to assess associated risks as the different event may pose different types of risks. He should carefully consider:

1) Time of the event

2) Venue

3) Entry/Exit of event place

4) Perimeter & surroundings

5) Invitees & identification method

6) Likely emergencies & response method

7) Nearby medical support facilities

8) Liaison with law enforcing agencies

9) Checking of invitees or logistic staffs

10) Checking of materials

11) Close protection procedure for VIPs

12) Surveillance methods

These points help a planner to determine resources he needs to initialize to secure an event place & handle any emergencies.

Manpower employed for event security are usually organized into:

1) Event perimeter protection team

2) Entry/exit gate/door control team

3) Traffic control team

4) Screening of people/material, baggage team

5) VIP protection team

6) Stage protection team

7) Quick reaction/response reserve team

8) Reserve team, etc.

Basing on the perimeter of risk security technology could be used which may include: 
1) CCTV systems

2) Explosive detectors

3) Baggage scanner

4) Walk through metal detect system & hand metal detector

5) Body scanner (if needed)

An event security management team must write their duties, work procedures & rehearse those religiously before the actual event.

Every team should have a team leader & adequate communication arrangements be established for internal communication. 

The administrative aspects like food, transportation of event security team also need to be taken care of. 



Major (Retd) Nurul Mannan Chowdhury is a certified protection professional from ASIS International, USA. He could be contacted through the email-(nurul@securitylinkbd.com).