A…B (Ayub Bachchu), we love you

Tarique Choyon    

20 October, 2018 18:18 PM

A…B (Ayub Bachchu), we love you

Ayub Bachchu. File photo

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In the year 1996, we just promoted to class five. A new class, a bunch of unknown teachers and a new atmosphere which was not familiar to us. We felt a bit uncomfortable but found a very friendly class teacher in our very first class. 

"Students, no study today! let's have some fun as it is the first class. Who can sing a song for us?" the teacher asked.   

Nobody, but, Bulu came forward and expressed his will to sing a Band song of Ayub Bachchu. "Ami Koshto Pete Valobashi..........", he started singing the song.  

That was for the first time, I was introduced with Ayub Bachchu as well as Bangla Band song and I started loving his song profoundly.

When I was in Cumilla, I often heard the seniors saying Ayub Bachchu would sing today in the concert, let's go fast and grab the place.

After shifting to Dhaka in 2004, me and my friend Tanveer used to go to the Fantasy Kingdom almost every Friday to enjoy concerts. 

Most probably I met the legendary singer there for the first time and exchanged our cell phone numbers.

Whenever we joined in a concert, we all wait for Bachchu Bhai's arrival on the stage. Bachchu Bhai always mesmerized the audience with his magical guitar playing. He used to play the guitar for 3/4 min after arriving on the stage, the beat went on and we started dancing.

Bachchu Bhai usually exchanged greetings with the audience with his most common and popular words "This is A…B & we love you heavy." Whenever I met him, I used to say "You are A...B & I love you heavy."  

I met Bachchu Bhai many time, each and every time I found him very fervent and friendly. He was a man with a big heart and humbleness.
I called him on August 16, it was his last birthday. He couldn' t pick the phone and later he sent me a text to meet him the next day. Unfortunately, I couldn't meet him on the day due to an emergency. Who knows, I will never get a chance to meet him. 

I called him a few days back for an interview in Daily Kaler Kantho and he showed eagerness. Alas! The day before yesterday, I woke up by a devastating phone call, Ayub Bachchu is no more........  

Miss World America, finalist and founder of Miss Bangladesh USA Hiam Hafizuddin first got the news from my Facebook post. She couldn’t believe it at first. Bachchu Bhai stayed a night in their house at Chicago USA in 2009. He went there to raise money for the orphan children of Bangladesh. He sang for free and donated his own money too! 

Hiam was saying: "During the time spent with us he was missing his daughter so much. The biggest advice he gave (me) is to do music for spreading love & making an impact on people. That was his biggest principle when making music- emotion & moving people. No matter what you do in life, intention needs to be clean- these words stuck with me all these years!"

Ayub Bachchu always started his concert with the national anthem. He also raised his voice to stop the violence against women, inspired the youth to stay aside from taking the lethal drug.  

Bachchu Bhai was a famous guitarist in the contemporary period in our subcontinent. He dreamt to hand over some guitars to youth to inspire them in music. He also organizes guitar show in some districts. He wished once, a guitar playing competition will be held in Bangladesh. But for the lack of money, his dreams didn't come true. From sorrow, Bachchu Bhai sold his five favourite guitars to fulfil his dream.

However, Bachchu Bhai, you are still alive to us and you will remain so in our heart. You will remain alive in touch of a young guitarist to his favourite guitar cord, you will remain alive in the heart of your crazy fans who booked the concert's front place to see you closer.

On Thursday morning, noted singer, lyricist, composer and also the founder of the country's one of the leading bands, LRB, Ayub Bachchu passed away at the age of 56. 

The article was translated into english by Gulam Muhtameem Nayeem