London's Olympia Publishers to release Mostofa Kamal's novel “The Mother”

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3 January, 2019 02:04 AM

London's Olympia Publishers to release Mostofa Kamal's novel “The Mother”

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English edition of Bangladeshi writer Mostofa Kamal’s novel will hit internet market place Amazon this January in banner of a United Kingdom publisher.

London-based Olympia Publishers will bring the piece ‘The Mother, translated edition of Mostofa’s native language novel – Jononi.

“This is one of my best novels I ever wrote and I think that a book getting published from the Olympia Publishers in London is more prestigious than receiving any other state awards,” Mostofa Kamal said in his reaction.

“I’m expressing my gratitude to the publishers and thanking them for taking the initiatives and I also thank writer and translator Dulal Al Mansur as he translated the novel into English,” the noted Bangladeshi journalist added.

The popular Bangladeshi author and also a renowned journalist Mostofa Kamal’s "Three Novels," were released in Amazon last year.

Amazon published the novels titled 'Three Novels' includes the writer's three magnetic Bangla novels--"Taliban, Pak Colonel and a Young Lady, 'Flaming Eventide', and 'The Flatterer."

The Notion Press Publishing has published this novel Simultaneously from India, Singapore and Malaysia in September last year. Online platform rokomari.com is distributing the novels in Bangladesh.

Mostofa Kamal is a popular Bengali writer and journalist. He entered the world of writing in 1984. In almost all branches of literature, his free movement is obvious.

He so far has written a total of 104 books as of now while his most popular novels are Janani, Agnikonya, Agnipurush, Agnimanush, Hello Colonel, Paromitake Shudhu Bachate Cheyechhi and Jinat Sundori o Mantri Kahini.

He has been working as a professional journalist since 1991 and now he is performing duties as an executive editor for the daily Kalerkantho since 2012.