Happy birthday: SMS turns 25 today

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3 December, 2017 09:49 AM

Happy birthday: SMS turns 25 today

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The Short Message Service (SMS) has turned 25 today. On 3 December 1992, the first SMS was sent. 

As it grew in popularity, the "short message service" gave mobile phone operators millions in revenues. SMS was a Franco-German development.

25 years ago, cell phones could not send or receive short messages. Consequently, the first SMS was sent by computer, not the mobile phone. 

The text, sent between British Vodafone technicians testing the prototype SMS system, read: "Merry Christmas."

Friedhelm Hillebrand (photo), who then worked for the German postal service, and Bernhard Ghillebaert of PTT (the forerunner company to France Telecom), developed the concept for a Short Message Service in 1984. 

The models for SMS were postcards and Telex messages. 

Technicians found that nearly all such communications were 160 characters or less in length. That's how the maximum length of SMS messages was decided on.

As mobile phones and SMS spread rapidly in the mid-1990s, big profits resulted for telecom firms. And even in the age of its Internet successors, SMS lives on.