Kaspersky introduces ‘Safe Kids’ in Bangladesh

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3 December, 2017 17:31 PM

Kaspersky introduces ‘Safe Kids’ in Bangladesh

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In a bid to help parents in protecting and monitoring their children in the digital world, the Kaspersky Lab introduces “Safe Kids” (a security solution product) in Bangladesh.

Officextracts, the distributor of Kaspersky Lab in Bangladesh, organized a press conference held at the BIJF conference room to launch the security solution product, a press release from the Lab confirmed on Sunday.

“We responded to the demand of time and it was also part of our responsibility,” said Prabeer Sarkar, CEO of the distribution operations.

He, according to the release, referred to the plight of concerned parents during the recent hype on Blue Whale, adding that parents were already getting more and more concerned as the children were already engaging, adopting and merging with the digital life style.

Kaspersky Safe Kids keeps children away from digital dangers. It guards against online risks, helps manage a child’s device usage time, and keeps parents posted on the child’s location real-time, alerting the parents on mobile phones if the child crosses a specified safe zone, the release added.

The press release also said, it helps monitor a child’s public facebook activity, android calls and SMS messages.

It is one package that can help you in protecting and monitoring your child in a digital world, according to the release.

“To keep an eye on them, to mentor them against the bad influences of the net, I am very excited to be introducing this solution for parents in Bangladesh today. It is a relief for the parents. They no longer need to bar their children from the Internet,” Sarkar said.

“Again Kaspersky Lab has taken a pioneering role by introducing safety for kids in this country, spearheading a trend, meeting the demands of a growing concern. We will have a separate support channel for Safe Kids where parents will be able to consult on this product and how to effectively use it. And in the coming months we will be campaigning hard for Safe kids in a digital Bangladesh,” he added.