iPhone X not secure: New firm offers to unlock any iPhone for $15,000

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9 March, 2018 12:25 PM

iPhone X not secure: New firm offers to unlock any iPhone for $15,000

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A new firm claims to be able to hack any iPhone device including the latest iPhone X and iPhone 8.

Just about a week ago, an Israeli-based government manufacturer — Cellebrite claimed that it could unlock the latest flagship models of Apple and extract data stored on phones despite password protection. The company had developed a tool which enables it to access any locked iPhone model including the iPhone X running iOS 11.

A fresh report now reveals that a new firm has emerged that claims to be able to hack any iPhone device for just $15,000. The report further asserts that this could be run by a former Apple security engineer.

According to Forbes, the company, called Grayshift, is selling two different packages for hacking iPhone's and has released marketing materials to police and forensics organisations claiming to unlock iPhones with its GrayKey tool.

The cited source says of the two tools, one of which cost $15,000 that includes only 300 attempts. Forbes says that these 300 attempts are the number of tries the hacking tool includes for brute forcing the device. The second tool which the company is offering to unlock the iPhone will cost around $30,000 which includes unlimited uses.

Furthermore, it remains unclear if Grayshift’s solution works for every iteration of iOS 11 as to what models and iOS versions are supported.

"The marketing doesn't reveal just what iOS vulnerabilities GrayKey exploits to unlock iPhones. It claims GrayKey works on disabled iPhones and can extract the full file system from the Apple device, and indicates the tool would make repeated guesses at passcodes, a technique is known as brute force, to first get into the device, " the report stated.

Apple did not immediately respond, therefore, it remains to be seen how the company counters to all the claims of hackable iPhones.