Google Pixel 3 to sport Active Edge squeeze feature

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12 June, 2018 17:11 PM

Google Pixel 3 to sport Active Edge squeeze feature

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News and rumours of Google’s upcoming flagship are coming in at a quick pace. The latest rumour about the next flagship devices from Google is that they are said to introduce the Active Edge technology that came with the Google Pixel 2.

As per a report, a senior member who leaked real world pictures of the Google Pixel 3 XL prototypes said that before he accidentally soft-bricked the device, he reported testing Active Edge by squeezing his phone and that the phone vibrated.

The second bit of information acquired by XDA was within the SystemUIGoogle APK, the “WakeMode” class has been slightly modified with some new code. “WakeMode” is a class located under /com/google/android/systemui/elmyra/gates. Elmyra is the codename for Active Edge.

Working in collaboration with HTC, last year, Google introduced a new feature called Active Edge. When this feature was enabled, one could activate the Assistant, or silence notifications by squeezing the sides of the Google Pixel 2 inwards.

One must note that Google does have a habit of dropping certain features when they officially announce their new handsets. Wireless charging, which was present on the Google Nexus 4, Google Nexus 5, Google Nexus 6, and Google Nexus 7 was removed when Google launched the Nexus 5X and 6P and all later handsets. Then Google removed the headphone jack when it announced the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL devices.

We will know more about this feature and others closer to the time of the Google Pixel 3’s unveiling.