'Nude Yoga Girl' inspiring the world on Instagram

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12 October, 2017 17:24 PM

'Nude Yoga Girl' inspiring the world on Instagram

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Amassing over 670,000 followers, the Instagram account of Nude Yoga Girl shares photos that contain both a yoga position, but arranged to get around Instagram's nipple rules and other regulations on nudity.

She has inspired others to do the same, and the hashtag #NYGyoga reveals a diverse range of body shapes and yoga poses, according to indy100.com.

"Elegance is not what you wear and it is not about how you wear it, but it's more about who you are." ❤
Our month and shooting trip to Bali is coming to an end... ❤ Was the trip what I expected? So much more. ❤️ Do I like Bali? I LOVE Bali. ❤ Why? Because of healthy and delicious plant based food, fruits and smoothie bowls, curries and sushi... Nature, jungle's green colors, sea in motion, islands, waterfalls, flower trees, temples and sunsets! Hot temperature and summer clothes. Yoga classes, tennis, hotel gyms... Balinese massage, lights on the beach in the evening, aromatic smell and relaxing environment. There is no rush, pressure, competition in the air. I love that everyday is different and feels long because there is so much to do and see. People are very kind. ❤️ What was the best? Absolutely to photograph color photos in different locations! Can't wait to keep sharing them with you! I think it has been very fun and inspiring to do something different after a year. Not every shoot we did was easy for various reasons! 😉 But I liked the experience and end result very much. I'm very happy we came and started to do color photos. ❤ How do I feel now? Grateful, happy, rested, well being, loving and inspiring. I could stay easily longer! But I'm also ready for new adventures. There is always a big good extra point when traveling longer: you learn and get reminded to appreciate what you have, what to miss. ❤️ Thank you Bali! Thank you my boyfriend for being the best travel company.😘

"She wore a thousand faces all to hide her own." ❤

'Body confidence doesn't come from trying to achieve the 'perfect' body, it comes from embracing the one you've already got'.. I love how much #nygyoga is trending now! Plus i love how i made in to a @cosmopolitanuk article! #yoga #yogaeverydamday #yogalove #nakedyoga #bodyconfidence #chairtwist.