Install App to get domestic helper in Dhaka city!

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9 January, 2018 17:27 PM

Install App to get domestic helper in Dhaka city!

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“Robot Dako”, a newly launched App, to solve household problems in Dhaka city is available in google play store.

This App will help to find domestic helper immediately. By installing the App a client can hire a helper on demand.

Clients can choose a helper by visiting the profile where all the necessary information are kept. Within 30 minutes, the helper will reach the demanded address. This app also provides babysitter, beautician, tutor and serviceman.

Click here to install the App...

Developers said that it is a challenging task for them. To assure security, they have added emergency button and operated some services via portable CCTV. 

"All the service providers are now under training to ensure the best service. Right now, the service is limited to Mohammadpur area and the services will cover the whole Dhaka city in future", developers added.