Photos of youth tortured by father go viral

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11 January, 2018 19:22 PM

Photos of youth tortured by father go viral

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Three pictures of an injured youth have gone viral after he claimed that he sustained those wounds while saving his mother from his 'sadistic father.'

Zulfiker Siddique, an O-level student, posted those photos of his blood ridden and bruised face on his personal Facebook page on January 9.

He wrote: "Still a victim, yet no support because I tried to save my mother from my rather sadistic father!"

The post claimed that the police were not taking any actions against his father as the man is politically influential. "He is politically influential and the police can't do anything, or shall I say, 'won't do anything'? About my mother."

Mentioning that his father is very ill-mannered and often hurls verbal abuse at his mother, he continued: "I'm seeing this since I was a child. He has always abused my mother, both verbally and physically, and I never protested against him because I was afraid. But no more!" 

"As you can see from the pictures provided, he brutally attacked me and even attempted to kill me. He went as far as bringing a Bothi [curved kitchen knives] to attack me if I came out of my room!" he added.

Noting that being a sister of a freedom fighter, his mother is tolerating such abuse for decades, he sought support from his Facebook friends in ending such "brutality."

He said: "Please provide me with support, I need your help. I seek Justice from the government! I can't bear this pain and cruelty towards me and my mother anymore. It's a living hell for me in here."

The Daily Kalerkantho tried several times to get the version of the father, but failed to reach him.