Catch Super Blue Blood Moon in Bangladesh tonight

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31 January, 2018 16:15 PM

Catch Super Blue Blood Moon in Bangladesh tonight

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A rare Super Blue Blood Moon for the first time in 152 years as three unusual lunar events supermoon, blue moon, and total lunar eclipse takes place at the same time. Blue moon, super moon and blood moon will all coincide tonight for the first time since 1866.

The night sky will be lit up tonight, combining three lunar events dubbed the ‘lunar trifecta’. 

In Bangladesh sky, the entire lunar event – also named “super blue blood moon” -- will start 4:49pm and end 10:09pm tonight.


# The moon will be a "supermoon," which is when the Earth is closer than usual to its satellite. The moon will be 223,068 miles (358,994 km) from Earth, instead of the average distance of 238,855 miles (384,400 km), making the moon 14 percent brighter than usual, according to NASA.

# It's the second full moon of the month, which is known as a "blue moon." This doesn't make it look any different, it's just a quirk of the calendar.

# The moon will also be moving through the Earth's shadow, which will create a total lunar eclipse in some areas. This will give it a reddish tint, which is called a "blood moon."