8-month pregnant woman's body chopped, dumped in sacks

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31 January, 2018 16:53 PM

8-month pregnant woman's body chopped, dumped in sacks

Photo: Getty Images

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Even as the incident of triple murder which took place in Chandanagar is still fresh in mind, another cold-blooded murder was reported on Tuesday in Sriram Nagar in Kondapur near Hyderabad where a woman's chopped body was recovered in two different sacks. Later in the day, it turned out that the woman was eight-month pregnant.

Cyberabad police said that it was in the morning when the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) sweepers stumbled upon two separated sacks emitting foul smell. They opened one of the two bags and to their shock, they found amputated body parts.

Immediately, GHMC staff alerted the police about the body. The police reached the spot, opened the two bags, and confirmed that in both the bags, decomposed body parts were stuffed.

In one of the bags, the accused stuffed torso and head and in the other sack the remaining limbs were stuffed. Actually, the accused did multi-layered packaging since the amputated parts were first kept in two plastic bags and these bags were again stuffed in two other sacks.

The bags were dumped in a location where some civic and other constructions works were going on along the road near Botanical Garden. Amid the construction material, the two sacks were left.

Initially, all the police knew that it was a female body, since she was wearing salwar kameez and metal rings to her fingers in her legs, which indicated that she was also married. The locals were taken aback on knowing about the gruesome murder since the body was left near a road, which is generally very busy.

At the post-mortem examination, the forensic experts found that the victim was eight-month pregnant and was having a baby boy in her womb. "It appears that someone who did not want to have the baby was behind the murder. The victim might have been killed on Sunday itself,'' deputy commissioner of police (Madhapur Zone) Vishwa Prasad told TOI.

According to police, the victim had injuries on the ribs which clearly showed that the accused wanted to kill the infant. Police are verifying the CCTV footage.