Chinese company launches ‘Shoe for shoes’!


5 February, 2018 14:13 PM

Chinese company launches ‘Shoe for shoes’!

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Chinese Shoe company sankuanz's designer Shangguan Zhe has come up with a glorious idea: instead of taking off your shoes whenever you go inside the house, why not put on another shoe?

Recently at Paris Men’s Fashion Week, clothing brand Sankuanz unveiled a ‘shoe for shoes’ as part of their men’s fall 2018 collection. The sneaker protector features a design that’s basically an oversized sandal, with space big enough to fit your foot and your regular shoe.

It looks ridiculous but just think of the possibilities with this baby.

Doing some gardening but have to get something inside the house? Don’t bother removing your filthy shoes. Have a brand new pair of sneakers you don’t want to get dirty? These sandals have got you covered, literally!

It’s unknown whether Sankuanz will really push through with selling the unconventional product. But hey, if the shoe fits, right?