Swedish model attacked for refusing sexual advances

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5 February, 2018 21:23 PM

Swedish model attacked for refusing sexual advances

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A Swedish model was attacked at a nightclub when she turned away a man who groped her. In a shocking turn of events, the model ended up with her face badly bloodied and the snapshots of the same went viral.

Sophie Johansson,19, was at Babel in Malmö on Saturday night when the incident occurred. An unknown man on the dance floor pulled on her bag and when she turned around, the man grabbed her butt and between her legs. She then hit him refusing his advances but he punched her on the face.

To avoid taking any further risk Ms.Johansson and her friend decided to leave the club but on their way out, she says the man hit her on the head with a bottle. The 19-year-old initially thought her face was covered with liquid from the bottle but then her friend confirmed that it was blood. “I ended up in shock.” she told the paper.

She was soon brought to a hospital, where she received several stitches. Police are yet to identify the man, whom Johansson described as being around 25 years old, 5-foot-7, with a muscular build.“I am happy and grateful that it did not end worse. But I’m a little upset about not finding the man,” Ms Johannson told the reporters.


Source: Femina Beauty Pageants