Woman celebrates pregnancy posing in a bathtub full of spicy snack


8 February, 2018 16:53 PM

Woman celebrates pregnancy posing in a bathtub full of spicy snack

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Emelia Jackon loves flaming hot Cheetos. While she was pregnant she was hit with constant cravings for the spicy snack, eating 320 family-sized packs of Cheetos during her pregnancy.

Emelia even jokes that her Cheetos obsession is the reason her son was born with bright red hair. To celebrate both her pregnancy and her dedication to Cheetos, Emelia decided to do an elegant maternity photo shoot in a bathtub full of the snack.

‘I’ve always loved flaming hot Cheetos ever since I was a little kid,’ the mum explains.

‘I used to steal quarters from my parent's money jar just so I could get my Cheeto fix at school. I’d buy three bags a day from the vending machine. ‘These days, I’ll hoard bags and bags of them at my house, just so I never run out.

‘When I go grocery shopping, I’ll even crack open a bag right there in the store to keep me going while I walk around. ‘Throughout my pregnancy, flaming hot Cheetos were all I ever wanted. I’d wake my boyfriend up in the middle of the night to go get me some Cheetos, because the cravings were so intense.’

Emelia bought 15 family-sized bags for the photo shoot, then poured them into a bathtub as photographer Roxana Ramires captured her final weeks of pregnancy.

 ‘I knew I wanted to do a maternity photo shoot, but when I was looking at all the examples online, they were just all so beautiful and graceful,’ Emilia explains. ‘I am the most awkward person in the world. I cannot model or pose to save my life. ‘I knew I’d look ridiculous trying to do an elegant milk bath. So, the idea just popped into my head to do a Cheetos bath.

The aftermath was horrific though. There was Cheeto dust all over my body and when I took a shower, it was dribbling to places you just don’t want hot flaming Cheeto dust to be. ‘It burned like crazy, but it was okay once I got it all off. ‘I loved how they turned out and we’re going to frame them and hang them up in our house. I’d definitely consider doing another crazy maternity shoot in the future.

‘Maybe a bath full of tacos or chicken nuggets. That would be amazing.’ When her son was born in October 2017, Emelia was pretty shocked to see he had bright red hair – and people quickly thought her Cheetos addiction was to blame.