Models go naked for '#metoo' movement


10 February, 2018 16:46 PM

Models go naked for '#metoo' movement

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Sports Illustrated has dedicated this year’s swimsuit edition to the #MeToo campaign, with top models sporting empowering phrases on their bodies as a means to raise awareness on women and sexual assault.

Entitled ‘In her own words’, editor MJ Day says that the shoot has been designed to combat the objectification of women. The models, she says, ‘are as much participants as objects’.

Photographer Taylor Ballantyne says the project is about female identity. ‘Its purpose is to offer a platform for the participants to speak their truth by choosing positive words that represent who they are and what they strive to embody,’ she says.

‘I challenged these women to stay positive with their word choice regardless of what they were feeling in the moment to demonstrate that if we change our perspective, we have the ability to change our outcome.

Each poses naked with words like ‘natural’, ‘human’ and ‘truth’ painted on their bodies.

Some disagree that having a load of women pose nude is particularly empowering because it simply encourages sexual objectification.

"Is having naked women on the cover of a men’s mag really in line with the whole #MeToo ethos? Isn’t this just catering to a problematic male gaze?"