Farmer sets Sunny Leone ‘starecrow’ to save crops from evil eye

Ahmedabad Mirror    

14 February, 2018 17:00 PM

 Farmer sets Sunny Leone ‘starecrow’ to save crops from evil eye

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Ankinapally Chenchu Reddy, an Indian citizen has put up two large posters of actress Sunny Leone in a red bikini outside his roadside plot to steer people’s attention away from his property.

There’s an amusing message in Telugu on the posters: “Don’t envy me.” “It’s simple: more people will look at Sunny Leone’s pictures and fewer at my farm. Believe me, it’s working. My cropyield has improved,” Reddy said.

The 10-acre farm, where he grows cabbage, cauliflower, okra, and chillies, is located in little-known Bandakindipally village in Nellore district. “Year after year, I would suffer losses because of a poor yield. The crops looked healthy for some time, but then something would go wrong,” said Reddy, who is in his fifties. “It then struck me that my farm is located next to a road and every passer-by can see it.”

He installed the two banners, which cost him Rs 600.

“It’s been a month and I can see the difference. People don’t look at my farm as they are busy staring at the pictures,” he said. So is Reddy a fan of Sunny Leone? “No, no. My friends told me I should get her pictures because she is very popular,” he said.

The farmer had considered other tactics, including using a scarecrowlike effigy, to ward off the “evil eye”, but after his friends’ counsel, he went ahead with the posters.