Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber become parents again

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5 March, 2018 13:12 PM

Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber become parents again

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Sunny Leone and husband Daniel Weber, who adopted a baby girl last year, have embraced parenthood once again. And this time, they have become parents to two adorable boys Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh Weber.

The duo took to their social media accounts to share the news.

"God's Plan!! June 21st, 2017 was the day @dirrty99 and I found out that we might possible be having 3children within a short amount of time. We planned and tried to have a family and after so many years our family is now complete with Asher Singh Weber, Noah Singh Weber and Nisha Kaur Weber. Our boys were born a few weeks ago but were alive in our hearts and eyes for many years. God planned something so special for us and gave us a large family.We are both the proud parents of three beautiful children. Surprise everyone!," Sunny tweeted while sharing a photo of her complete family.

Just minutes later her first tweet, Sunny posted another tweet adding that the newborns are the couple's biological children and that they had planned it several years ago. "Just so there is no confusion Asher and Noah are our biological children. We chose surrogacy to complete our family many years ago and it's now finally complete :) so happy!," she said in another tweet.

Last year in July, Sunny and Daniel adopted their first child, a baby girl - Nisha Kaur Weber' from Latur in Maharashtra.