Saudi woman beats up men for harassing her

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7 March, 2018 08:43 AM

Saudi woman beats up men for harassing her

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An enraged Saudi woman harassed by some men for dressing inappropriately, hit them with a wooden stick in a park in Riyadh. 

The incident captured on a video, shows the woman lashing out at men surrounding her. The video has been circulated widely.

The dramatic video shows men escaping the woman's attack as she goes to hit them randomly for being ridiculed for not covering her hair, according to reports in Daily Mail. 

The woman is being praised online for standing up against the harassment and has invited mixed reactions to her act. One such internet user pointed out her bravery while another described her as being a 'Saudi Wonder Woman'. 

However, some also criticised the woman for 'provoking' men who were simply walking in the park and wrote: 'A woman who's too out there and who dresses like this must handle what she gets. Some women dress provocatively and don't want anyone to harass them. Have some shame and be modest if you don't want that'.

Further, some reports state that the woman is a popular social media personality who was followed by men who wanted to take pictures with her.