Domestic helper who cannot speak English, sent home by Saudi employer

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4 April, 2018 13:56 PM

Domestic helper who cannot speak English, sent home by  Saudi employer

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Aside from being hard workers, Filipinos are also well- known for being effective at communicating with the English language. That is why many agencies abroad opt to hire Filipinos as domestic workers. However, we cannot deny the fact that there are a lot of kabayans who are just trying their luck working abroad in order to provide and sustain the needs of their family back in the country. Despite having lack of experience and proper knowledge about the kind of work that they will be performing abroad, they still grab the opportunity to become a domestic worker.

Recently, a domestic worker who was based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia was sent home by her employer after one week of being employed in a household. The reason for doing so is because the Filipina worker could neither understand nor speak English.

During an interview with GMA New, Joan (an alias to protect her identity), she admitted that she really doesn’t know how to speak and understand even simple English phrases.

“Hindi po ako marunong, ni isa po, pag sinasabihan ako ng how are you hindi ko rin po maisagot. Yuko na lang po ako,” she shared.

She narrated that she only managed to finished Grade 2 due to poverty. When she was 15-years-old she had a live-in partner but the latter is now in jail. According to her, when she applied to become a domestic worker, she really didn’t know how to communicate in English. She then revealed that it was her recruiter who did all the transactions and all she did was sign the documents.

Because of what happened numerous netizens shared different reactions with the unfortunate experience of Joan. Many condemned the agency that allowed her to work abroad despite her lack of proficiency with English while others hope that her story will serve as a lesson for others to really persevere to learn the language.


Source: TNP