Prioty takes the plunge into Ireland politics

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12 May, 2018 20:47 PM

Prioty takes the plunge into Ireland politics

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Maksuda Akhter Prioty, a Bangladeshi born Irish model and also the winner of numerous prestigious beauty titles, will now be seen in Ireland politics.

Beauty queen Prioty has already completed the initial processes to get involved into the politics of Ireland.

She has started the political activities as a member of Ireland's ruling political party 'Fine Gael'.

Prioty has revealed this information in a Facebook post tonight (Bangladesh Time) where she wrote: "I have started my new journey with “Fine Gael”, one of the leading political parties in Ireland, to serve the community and the nation!”

Fine Gael is a liberal-conservative and Christian democratic political party in Ireland that currently governing the country.

The party was formed in September 1933 with the slogan 'Building a Republic of Opportunity'.