Bride declares her wedding a 'football-free zone'


9 July, 2018 11:02 AM

Bride declares her wedding a 'football-free zone'

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A frustrated bride banned guests from watching the World Cup game between Sweden and England after numerous requests to stream the match on her wedding day.

Ahead of the game, the disgruntled bride posted on Facebook that “under no circumstances” would the match be shown.

She also asked that guests refrain from checking the score on their phone, as she wanted her wedding to be a “football-free zone”, according to a post on Mumsnet.

Describing the cut-throat tactic to ensuring all eyes were focused on the wedding, and not on football, the Mumsnet user wrote: “Just been on Facebook and someone I know (though not well and I am not invited to the wedding!) is getting married on Saturday. Obviously England are playing.

“She has it a status on saying she has had multiple requests from guests wanting to know if the football will be shown.”

According to the woman, the bride’s message was clear - “it's her wedding and the day is about that and that only”.

While the Mumsnet user said she would have incorporated the excitement of the day into the wedding if it was her own, she said she did understand why the bride would be upset - especially considering how much time and stress can go into planning the perfect wedding.

Others weren’t as sympathetic to the bride’s “unreasonable” feelings - with some suggesting the bride should have considered the date of the wedding beforehand.

“A bit daft booking a wedding in the middle of the World Cup. Even if you thought England wouldn’t get that far there are some football obsessed people out there who watch every game,” one person wrote.

Another said: “She’s fighting a losing battle. If I were her, I’d just accept it.”

However, others defended the bride’s desire not to share the attention with football.

“Surely a wedding is more important than a sporting fixture?” someone responded.

Despite the ban, the result may have been guests sneaking peeks at their phones.

On social media, posts from other weddings across the nation, where the brides had not enforced such strict football bans, have seen guests slyly and openly following the game.