Imran Khan's five illegal children!

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13 July, 2018 17:47 PM

Imran Khan's five illegal children!

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Imran Khan has five illegal children, some of whom are Indians.

Khan's former wife, Rehman Khan, has claimed this in his autobiography.

The biography discussed in recent months has already been published in the form of a book in Britain.

It has also been published in Amazon.

Some of the autobiography entitled "Reham Khan" has leaked earlier and there has been extensive discussion and criticism.

Besides Imran, there has also been an insult costume for the publication of certain personal questions.

Indian media NDTV reported in a report as independent written and written by other autobiography Rehman Khan Imran with his 10 month married life and at that time Khan's political subject.

Apart from this, cricketer Wasim Akram and a British businessman of Pakistani descent, many some people's personal problems are discussed.

There have been several cases of reprisals against Rehman Khan.

NDTV has claimed that Rehman Khan has presented a conversation about his former man in an autobiography, where Khan confessed that he had five illegal children.

But the mothers of the child do not publish the issue publicly "fear of losing the dignity of women".

Imran Khan's life is also called "Sex, Drug and Rock Music" Rehman Khan Reham Khan's conversation with his former man has been described by NDTV.

Reham Khan: What are you talking about? You have five illegal children!

Imran Khan: Yes, the mother of what the child has told me.

Reham Khan: All white or white skin?

Imran Khan: No, there are some Indians too. The oldest is 34 years old.

Note that Reham Khan had previously said that the book will be released in July or August.

Imran's law, Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) complains that it was supposed to publish such books before the parliamentary elections.

Just before the Pakistani national elections on 25 July, Rehman Khan published the book.