Shoes that hurt thousands of hearts

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1 August, 2018 00:32 AM

Shoes that hurt thousands of hearts

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A pair of bloodstained shoes has become a symbol of resistance in the time of the ongoing peaceful protest programmes staged by the students of colleges across the capital city.

The shoes belong to Abdul Hadi, a student of Shaheed Police Smrity College in Dhaka.  

The pair of shoes was almost brand new when Hadi along with his other classmates took to the street on Tuesday, seeking justice for two students who lost their lives in a road accident on Sunday.

According to witnesses, when Hadi and his friends were staging the protest on Mirpur Road around 1 pm, police members asked them to leave the streets. At one stage of arguments, they started charging batons on the students, leaving Hadi severely injured.

A video showing a group of fellows was trying to take Hadi to the hospital went viral on Facebook soon after the incident happened. Later, the images of the injured college boy lying on the hospital bed created waves on social networking sites.

His shoes were soaked in blood and a single photograph of the bloodstained pair of shoes soon drew the attention of thousands of netizens. It hurt uncounted hearts and many people were seen criticizing the authorities for such action on innocent college boys.

Many netizens expressed their sorrow and shock for the irresponsible acts from the law enforcers. Several hundred people sought tougher action on the responsible cops. 

The students of different colleges in Dhaka are staging protest since Sunday when a Jabal-e-Noor bus ploughed through a group of students, killing two on the spot and injuring 12 others.