Postman sacked for hoarding 6,000 letters over a decade

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15 August, 2018 10:57 AM

Postman sacked for hoarding 6,000 letters over a decade

No mail in years? Maybe check with your local postman: Getty Images

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A postal worker in India has been suspended after he was found to not have delivered thousands of letters for more than 10 years.

Ever wondered why you never heard back from that job offer, that ATM card application or never got mail from someone you really wanted to hear from?

Well, if you're in the Odhanga village in India's Orissa state, there's a good chance that letter was in fact sent, reports BBC.

It just never was delivered, piling up with countless other undelivered mail.

The stash of old letters and packages were discovered by chance when a group of school children played in the recently abandoned post office after the branch had moved to a new location.

Playing in the yard, they noticed large bags with letters sticking out, local media report.

When they looked inside and discovered ATM cards and bank passbooks, they alerted their parents and soon the authorities were on the case.

According to the Hindustan Times newspaper, it's thought there are some 6,000 letters and packages with the oldest dating back as far as 2004.

Some 1,500 letters have been salvaged while the many of the remaining mail are soggy or damaged by termites.