Muslim couple denied Swiss citizenship over no handshake

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18 August, 2018 17:11 PM

Muslim couple denied Swiss citizenship over no handshake

Photo/ BBC

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A Muslim couple have been denied Swiss citizenship after they refused to shake hands with people of the opposite sex during their interview, officials say.

They confirmed the decision on Friday, further citing the couple's failure to integrate and respect gender equality, reports BBC.

The couple, interviewed months ago, also struggled to answer questions by members of the opposite sex.

Days ago a Swedish Muslim woman won compensation after a job interview was ended when she refused to shake hands.

The Swiss authorities said aspiring citizens must be well integrated into the Swiss community and demonstrate an attachment to Switzerland, its institutions and a respect for the Swiss legal order.

They would not reveal specifics about the couple, who local media said were North African, but confirmed they felt the couple had failed to meet citizenship criteria when they applied in the city of Lausanne.

The mayor of Lausanne, Gregoire Junod, told news agency AFP freedom of religion was enshrined in local laws but "religious practice does not fall outside the law."