Condolences pour in for Ayub Bachchu

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18 October, 2018 12:36 PM

Condolences pour in for Ayub Bachchu

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Noted singer, lyricist, composer and also the founder of the country's one of the leading bands, the LRB, Ayub Bachchu passed away. He was 60.


Fans, friends, singers, musicians, and celebrated persons took to the social media to express their shock and sorrow over the news.

Noted musician Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul wrote on his Facebook wall: "I cannot accept the news. This is painful. " 

Lyricist and musician Ashiquzzaman Tulu wrote: "Can't accept it. "

Oyshee Fatima wrote: "I am praying for the salvation of his departed soul. " 

Actor Nirab Hossain shared some lines of Ayub Bachchu's popular song "Sei tumi Keno Ochena Hole. . . " 

Shafiq Tuhin shared from his another song.  

Singer Maqsood wrote: "Everybody is lying and I am angry. "