Bollywood star alleges she was raped!

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23 March, 2018 13:43 PM

Bollywood star alleges she was raped!

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A prominent veteran Bollywood star has alleged that she was raped by a businessman. She filed a complaint against him at the Juhu Police Station in Mumbai.

The case was transferred to the crime branch of the Mumbai Police. The businessman whom she has accused was been arrested on Thursday night and will soon be produced in court for remand, according to Zeenews report.

The actress had alleged a month ago that the businessman was stalking and threatening her. She had at the time also complained that he was sending her lewd messages on WhatsApp and had entered her house after beating up her security guard.

This is the latest case of sexual assault or harassment that has turned up in Bollywood circles.

Recently, veteran actor Jeetendra had been accused by his cousin of sexual assault when he was 25 years old.

While these are outright allegations of molestation and sexual assault, there have been a number of other accusations of sexual harassment by prominent Bollywood faces like Richa Chadda, Kalki Koechlin and Daisy Irani, to name a few.

These claims of sexual harassment by leading names in the film industry have come more or less in conjunction with the global #MeToo movement that was sparked by Hollywood star Rose McGowan.

The movement had also taken off on the parallel name-and-shame campaign by foreign affairs scholar Christine Fair against members of the academia who had sexually harassed her. This had been met with a similar response within Indian academia, with an anonymous crowd-sourced list of abusers in the Indian higher education setup.