Anushka’s Pari to get Tamil remake

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26 March, 2018 21:01 PM

Anushka’s Pari to get Tamil remake

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Anushka Sharma’s production and acting venture Pari had left the entire Bollywood impressed for many reasons. Pari revived the horror genre in the Hindi film industry and after almost a decade, a scary movie starred an A-lister actor Anushka herself. Now, the film is all set to cross another milestone. Pari, directed by Prosit Roy, will be remade in Tamil, as per reports.

“Pari became a success because of its script and the willingness of a superstar to take a huge risk to back content that was aimed at redefining the horror genre in India. Everyone has taken notice of this gutsy decision. Pari will soon have a Tamil remake. Quality horror stories work in this market and the producers here have loved Pari. The offer on the table is a big one too and only adds to the revenue of Pari. An announcement is expected to happen as soon as the deal is locked. It is a huge success for Anushka,” confirms a source close to the film’s team.

Anushka has already done exceptional work and proved her mettle even as a filmmaker with her path-breaking choices since the inception of her production house, Clean Slate Films. By being the first to walk on paths that she is creating, Anushka is continuing to open up new roads for fellow artistes to explore.

The film, which released on March 2 on the occasion of Holi this year, managed to mint Rs 28.36 crore at the box office.


Source: Indian Express