Betting scandal brings shame to Salman Khan’s family

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4 June, 2018 11:15 AM

Betting scandal brings shame to Salman Khan’s family

Arbaaz Khan and Salman Khan. Photo: Twitter

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A blanket of silence has fallen over Galaxy Apartments after Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz Khan allegedly confessed his involvement in the IPL betting.

While even the usually outspoken and forthright Khan patriarch Salim Khan is quiet, no one in the family is willing to make a statement. A close friend of Salman says the family is in a ‘state of shock’.

“I don’t think anyone in the family knew about this (Arbaaz’s betting). Arbaaz didn’t share this with anyone. Salman and the family came to know about it only when he was summoned for interrogation. Now they’re waiting for Arbaaz to tell them everything in detail. No one in the family will persuade Arbaaz to talk. The family lives together but each member is given space,” says the friend.

None of Salman’s friends will speak to him about this unsavoury controversy that has raised its ugly head from nowhere.

“They don’t know what hit them. I think, neither Salim saab nor Salman interfere with Arbaaz’s life. After the public breakup with wife Malaika and his subsequent association with another woman, I don’t think anyone in the family was happy with this. Now this latest controversy is quite a setback,” adds the friend.

With Salman currently out in the public domain promoting Race 3, it would be hard for the actor to maintain silence over his brother’s alleged misdemeanor.