Update: 13 May, 2018 20:33 PM
Mother, daughter ‘gang raped’ in Gaibandha

Mother, daughter ‘gang raped’ in Gaibandha

A woman and her daughter have allegedly been gang-raped by some members of fraud gang ‘Jiner Badhsa’ in Gobindaganj upazila in the district.

Police said some ‘Jiner Badsha’ gang members asked the woman and her daughter, residents of Dhaka’s Mirpur area, over a cell phone to come to Gobindaganj alluring them of helping to get ‘hidden treasure’. 

When they reached Gobindaganj bus stand on Friday night Sada Mia, a member of the fraud gang, picked them up from the bus stand and took them to a remote area beside the Katakhali River.

The gang members raped the mother and the daughter whole night and then fled.

The victims filed a case with Gobindaganj Police Station on Saturday morning.

Officer-in-Charge of Gobindaganj Police Station Mozibur Rahman said they arrested Sada Mia and are trying to catch others.

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