Update: 26 June, 2018 11:45 AM
This is how pasta can help you slim down

This is how pasta can help you slim down

If you have ever been on a diet, you pretty much know that pasta is strictly banned in most of the diets. It is often associated with weight gain, hence kept out of the food chain of weight watchers.

But like most of you, if you can't resist the lip-smacking flavours of your pasta, fret not. There are ways you can make pasta healthy, such that it can help you lose weight. Yes, we are not kidding.

Variety of pastas

First up, it is important to know that no one food can lead to weight gain. There are a variety of pastas available in the market - from spaghetti, penne, macaroni, fussili, fettuccine and others. They are made from the dough of wheat mixed with water or eggs and are rich in carbohydrates.

Pasta's composition

Pasta's composition, if we see, is not complicated - it is made up of primarily carbs and some protein. But the reason it is so infamous in the weight loss segment is because of its composition, which makes it an energy dense food. You'd be surprised to know that one cup of pasta makes up for the carbohydrate requirement of a sedentary person for the whole day.


It may be a good source for some who engage in rigorous activities throughout the day but can be overloading for others. Now, the thing that makes pasta high calorie is the fact that it is always prepared in cheese, high-calorie sauces, which makes it a complex food. And not to miss out on the large serving size of pasta.

Whole wheat pasta

Here comes to the rescue, whole wheat pasta. It has less carbs than your regular pasta and comes with some amount of fibre, which is missing otherwise. This also makes you feel full faster, so chances are you won't be able to finish that whole generous plate of pasta.

Moreover, there are a whole new variety of healthy pastas available in the market - gluten-free, fibre rich and protein enhanced, a small serving of which will make you feel full faster. Also, there are pastas made from different grains that are healthier- like buckwheat or rice. The latest being the spiralled vegetable pasta - which is, without doubt, the best option.

Pasta and weight loss

So basically, if you still want to enjoy eating pasta without compromising on your weight goals, change the way you eat it. Have a small portion of a healthy alternative. Omit heavy sauces and excess of cheese. Add loads of vegetables. Use less oil. Limit your portion size. Consuming this once a week won't harm your weight loss progress, especially if you stay active.


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