Update: 6 September, 2018 14:33 PM
Bras are just a part of your attire: Prioty

Bras are just a part of your attire: Prioty

Undergarments, especially bras are just the part of your attire, said Bangladeshi-born Ireland beauty queen Maksuda Akhter Prioty.

She stated: "We don't wear undergarments in order to hide any specific part of our body, rather we wear those in order to protect our body parts and make the body shape more presentable."

The former Ms Ireland made the statement on her official Facebook account today.

The post read: "We, both male and female, don't wear undergarments in order to cover our body parts. If that is the main reason then why should we put on extra clothes on our body? My simple answer, we wear those to get good shape and make us more presentable to others, those are just a part of our clothes."

Referring to some common concepts in South Asian countries regarding bras, she said: "As I said earlier, bras are just a part of our [women's] attire. I just don't understand then why should people consider it weird if any part or the straps of bras are visible. Why do people consider it funny or criticise the woman whose bra straps are visible through her outfit?"

"People immediately label her a person with immoral character. Such practices are only acceptable in some Asian countries while no other civilized countries in the globe make it a big issue," she added.

The beauty queen further said: "I will not blame uneducated people for this, rather I want to ask the so-called educated class of the country: Why don't you practice thinking outside the box? Can't you divert your concentration to anything more important? Does it really make any difference if someone's undergarment is visible through her dress?"

She made her statement clear by saying: "There is a difference between wearing bras and putting on indecent clothes. So, please try to understand my point of view and get what I exactly tried to explain."


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