Update: 27 September, 2018 14:09 PM
World’s second-tallest man, from Iraq, dies in India

World’s second-tallest man, from Iraq, dies in India

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The second-tallest man in the world, Sabah Jabbar Hadi al-Jabouri from Iraq, died during thyroid surgery in India, local media confirmed on Monday.

Born in 1985 in Iraq’s al-Diwaniyah, Jabouri was 2.42 meters or seven feet and 11.6 inches tall.

He visited India on Sep. 8 to perform medical examinations and surgery in the Jaypee Hospital, located in the city of Noida. Initial media reports stated his death as a heart attack late Sunday night.

“My family and friends tried very hard to help me find a woman in Iraq who is at least 1.9 meters-tall and would marry me, but all their attempts were unsuccessful,” he had said.

“I had no choice but to search in abroad, where tall women live. Maybe she will be German or Russian,” he added.

Having trouble fitting into cars, needing specially-tailored clothes and shoes were among some of the challenges Jabouri faced in his life.

Jabouri’s parents never knew where his height came from as he was the only person in the family to be this tall. It is unclear if they will repatriate his body to Iraq for burial.

Source: Kurdistan 24

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