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There is a beauty hidden in all the countries of the world: First flag bearer woman Najmun

There is a beauty hidden in all the countries of the world: First flag bearer woman Najmun

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Najmun Nahar is the first woman traveller who has created an unprecedented history through her journey. She is travelling all over the world as the herald of peace holding a flag of Bangladesh. 

In 2000, her maiden world tour started through a participation in an International Adventure Program at Panchmari, Bhupal in India. She upheld the national flag of Bangladesh before the participants of 80 countries.

Najmun touched the hallmark of travelling 100 countries while she entered Zimbabwe on 1 June, 2018 by holding the flag of Bangladesh and by walking on the top of the world famous cascade ‘Victoria’. 

Thus ‘Victoria waterfall’ that floats over half of Zambia and half of Zimbabwe has become a witness of world history through her travel in 100 countries.

Considering her all extraordinary feat, Harriat Kayena, Governor of Zimbabwe has honoured her monumental hallmark and she has received an award ‘Flag girl’ from the governor of Zambia. 

On June 3, 2018, a feature story published in one of the specialized magazines ‘Zambia Daily Mail’ on Najmun’s philosophical view about life, story of her travel escapade and hallmark, prestige of Bangladesh flag and motivational activities.
On July 15th, Dhaka based journalist Tarique Choyon met with her in Radisson Blue Hotel lobby.

On October 10, a conversation made over the phone when she was in Sweden and completed travelling 108 countries.

Kalerkantho English published the interview unchanged for the readers…

Tarique Choyon: Hello Najmun. How are you? More than 200 features have been published about your journey, numerous documentaries have been made on you and you appeared as a motivational speaker in different programs, too. How are you enjoying all these?

Najmun Nahar: Fine, thank you. I am enjoying all of these extremely as I am upholding my country with the flag. Nothing is more significant than this to me.

Tarique Choyon: On those journeys, you met different people of different cultures in different countries. Can you recall any memory what still touches your heart?

Najmun Nahar: Thank you. There are so many! But a memory is very heart touching. It was on May in Uganda. My guide and I were going to see the famous water bottles from Nile River! After a couple hours of walking we become tired. I found a small village market! As we reached there, many children came to see us as I was a Foreigner. Someone was touching in my throat, someone in my hands, someone in my legs asking who are you? Many of them had no clothes! They were starving from hunger too. I was about to cry! Many people were looking away from me with sad eyes! Immediately I distributed all my dried food, cookies, bananas, apples, chocolates to them. It was not enough but I saw the smile on their faces! I talked to them and I was happy.

Tarique Choyon: If you share more memories like this ?

Najmun Nahar: It was on July 2017,  a cold night at the down town of Cuzco. My friends and I were going to a restaurant for dinner at 11 when I found a woman in the middle of the street is shivering! She was crying, couldn’t talk! She was wearing an old thin cloth! I was wearing a thick sweater and a jacket. I put my jacket on her body. I bought a burger and gave it to her! She held my hands when I was about to leave! I didn’t know her! But could not sleep at night as I left her in the street!

Beside this, I met many poor kids in the Jamaican trance town! I gave education, food to them. I spent time with them! In this way, I gave books to one baby girl who got married at 12! I advised her not to drop the school.

Tarique Choyon: Many people assisted you in many ways on your journey. But have you ever had a chance to assist any Bangladeshi in abroad?

Najmun Nahar: I don’t want to tell this. But as you insisted, I am sharing! When I first came to Sweden for study, I did not know anyone there! There were a small number of Bangladeshi students. I had to face a lot of challenges to get a job. I was all alone! I cooperated many Bangladeshi students in many ways with my experience after that! I employed about twenty students with the help of my friends. I cooperated for their accommodation too. Many of them still call me by phone, and when they express their gratitude then it seems that it is another achievement of my life!

Tarique Choyon: You have gone to many schools abroad and in Bangladesh. Can you remember any fun memory with the children?

Najmun Nahar: Well. There are Two memories! While I was talking to a school in Rwandan Kigali City, suddenly a small child raised her hands and said, ‘’I want to touch your hair after your program ends. I never saw this kind of hairstyle!’’ I enjoyed it. After the program, she really touched my hair!

And a young girl in Ratan Sen School in Khulna told me, ‘’I want to look at your eyes and see what you have seen by those (many countries of the world).’’ She really did that!

Tarique Choyon: Which country have you found the most beautiful?

Najmun Nahar: Iceland. But there is a beauty hidden in all the countries of the world!

Tarique Choyon: Tell us about your family, education and inspiration?

Najmun Nahar: I was born on December 12, 1979, in Lakshmipur. My Father Mohammad Amin left the world in 2010. My mother is Tahrein Amin. I have three brothers and five sisters. My grandfather was a traveller! From 1926 to 1931, he travelled so many countries in the middle east. Father's encouragement was the biggest inspiration in my life! He gave me all kinds of books to read. Though I was interested in travel books.

I completed a post-graduation in political science from the University of Rajshahi. For higher studies, I went to the Lund University of Sweden in 2006. There I did another a post-graduation in Asian Studies.

Tarique choyon: You travelled to so many countries alone. Haven’t you faced any difficulties?

Najmun Nahar: No, not at all! Whenever there was any danger, an Angel came and asked, 'can I help you?'

Tarique Choyon: Thank you Najmun and wish you more power, more strength to accomplish your goal.
Najmun Nahar:
Thank you very much Choyon.

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