Update: 6 December, 2018 09:52 AM
World's oldest YouTuber, Indian grandma dies at 107

World's oldest YouTuber, Indian grandma dies at 107

The 107-year-old, Mastanamma, whose cooking recipes on YouTube have taken netizens by storm is no more.  

The world's oldest YouTube passed away in her hometown Andhra Pradesh on December 3, 2018.  

The videos of her culinary skills have made her hugely popular across India and the globe. Her YouTube channel, Country Foods, has crossed 1 million subscribers with hundreds of cooking videos.

It was her grandson K Laxman and his friend Srinath Reddy who first showcased her recipes on a YouTube channel 'Country Foods'. Both Laxman and Reddy are video editors and food buffs. This combination went a long way in catapulting Mastanamma's cooking talent.  


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