Update: 13 February, 2019 15:56 PM
Flag hoisting procedure for Feb 21

Flag hoisting procedure for Feb 21

Press Information Department (PID) today issued a statement detailing the flag hoisting procedure as the government reminded all to keep the national standard half-mast to honour the 1952 Language Martyrs on February 21.

“The national flag will be hoisted half-mast across the country on Shaheed Dibash and International Mother Language Day on February 21,” an official release said.

The PID simultaneously elaborated the hoisting ceremony saying the national flag would have to be first revealed fully with the sun rise on the day and then it would have to be lowered to half-mast position.

At the end of the day, the flag would have to be hoisted fully again and it would have to be brought down slowly to be wrapped up.

The statement also urged all to use the national flag with proper measurement as pointed out in the country’s constitution.

“The ‘National Flag’ will be in bottle green and rectangular in size in the proportion of length to width 10: 6 bearing a red circle on the body of the green. The red circle will have a radius of one-fifth of the length of the flag. Its center will be placed on the intersecting point of the perpendicular drawn from the nine-twentieth part of the length of the flag and the horizontal line drawn through the middle of its width,” the constitution read.

In line with the practice the national flags are hoisted half-mast atop all government, semi-government, autonomous, private buildings and Bangladeshi diplomatic missions abroad in observance of the day.


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